Web Factory becomes part of the Pangea universe

14 Jul,2021

Web Factory joined and is a verified elite software vendor in the Pangea community on 10th June 2021.

We are happy to announce that we are one of the top 7% of global software engineering vendors at Pangea. This community will help us to get unbiased reviews of our skills and quality, also confirming our values and work, now and in the future.



In this red ocean of software development vendors, it’s getting more and more difficult to acknowledge who you can trust. Who is skilled enough to make your project, who has experience in the industry you work with, someone that doesn’t show fake information which can mislead you in your decisions and make a bad judgment.

The problem many faces today is that when we need some new service we first go to our closest friends, partners, business partners for a recommendation. Because there are so many companies out there, it is difficult and risky to decide and select. Well, is trying to fix this problem, by making relationships between companies more transparent.

What impressed us at Pangea is they have in-depth analytics, carefully selected companies that can join, and interesting questionnaires to get the facts people want to hear when they are in doubt. All of our departments were affected, not just development, which is rare to find on such a platform.

These questions and requirements made us generate some data that is helping us now to improve our processes. We started implementing some new practices that we didn’t do in the past. Also, our profile on shows not just our skills but the full state of the company and why prospective clients should choose us.

WE ARE proud to be part of the community.

How does this help us?

The verification process provided us with some interesting numbers and facts. And getting it from an outside reviewer, such as Pangea, gave us even bigger assurance that the things we do are on spot. Getting the overall score of 9.5/10 from Pangea just proved to us once again that we are on the right track.

The system uses a friendly flow and interacts with the whole team, with each department depending on the needs of the information. Since the start, they asked for the people responsible for our processes and contacted them directly requesting docs and information.

Our People operation sector was responsible for getting the team health check, we got a score of 9.2/10, with precise and clear guidelines on how to execute that. There were tasks for the recruitment sector, HR, and project management.

After that, moving on to the financial situation of the company, our KPIs, and how we develop the business. What was interesting here is that Pangea didn’t ask only for testimonials from our clients, but full reviews including scores on a variety of skills. We got 9.9/10 here which makes us really proud as a team.

On the technical side, the questionnaires were rigorous. From security to code commits, statistics about deployments, current and exploring technologies, and much more. Asking some documents that we had to create specifically for them gave us some good inside on the things we do and we are taking for granted.

What we liked the most was the score of 9.6/10 for personal growth in the company. We liked that people see the company as a place to grow and a place where they can reach their potential. Our customized interns and career paths were proven to work and are effective. We a