Your software development partner devoted to empowering established companies and start-ups to cut through the clutter and stand out with bespoke digital solutions.

Unlock your full potential 

We focus on your success as much as you do.

We make the impossible - possible. 

Grow faster by letting our team build the ideal digital solution - web development, mobile development, product design - from a raw idea to a successful launch. 


What we do 

We build complex end-to-end solutions that simplify life for end-users. Our software solutions help companies to unleash their full digital potential. 

Our strongest asset is our team. All the right people who have the knowledge and experience to build the best software solutions.

We strive to maximize potential on all four levels - individual, team, clients, technology. We endorse the people we work with accomplish outstanding results-smarter, faster, better. 

What we aim for

Our aim is to be a world’s partner that brings you today the digital change of tomorrow.

Achieve more with Sindex & Pendilibrium 

Our story evolved with the two spin-off companies purposefully built around specific areas of expertise. 



Sindex is dedicated to creating experiences users never forget in the area of game design, VR & AR. If you have a story to tell, we have a way of bringing it to life by seamlessly fusing together the two strongest forces in nature - logic and creativity. 

*In 2018 Sindex lands its first client - ESA, the European Space Agency



Data run the world - and we at Pendulibrium know our way around it. Make the most of your data by applying custom-made AI solutions that flawlessly fit and evolve around your business - now and forever.

*An award-winning team in predictive algorithms competitions, FinTech specialized  


Exceptional talent for exceptional companies & start-ups, ready to change the world by bringing your idea to life.