To maximize the potential of Open Banking, our client had come up with the idea of creating a cashback app - but not just your average cashback app. The goal was to devise an instrument that would allow users to dive in and explore the world of cashback opportunities but at the same time, protect sensitive data, award loyalty, and keep the whole process FCA regulated. 



Developing an app intended for everyday use meant the app had to boast an interface that’s sleek, modern, and simple. The system we created connects to the user’s bank account and scans transactions but the magic doesn’t end there. The user simply downloads the Tail app (iOS or Android), links it to their Monzo or Starling account and they’re ready to go! Once personal data is collected and analyzed, the app is able to fully personalize cashback offers with trusted partners.



The user simply pays with its linked card and enjoy up to 50% cashback at Tails retail partners – all paid back directly into their account at the end of each week.

Expecting the app to surpass more than 10,000 downloads soon, our client is now able to present users with various cashback opportunities in the bustling city of London. Users feedback states that they love the app functionality, the quick-to-respond support time but most of all, the unique cashback options!

In 2020, Tail was acquired by the UK-based fintech incubator, Quantum Group.


Harley Morlet

COO, Tail Offers, UK


They're incredibly transparent, easy to work with, honest, and trustworthy! Our internal developers reviewed the code, which was fantastic. It was concise and very clearly written. Everything was accurately stated in advance!