We provide you with end-to-end solution development, transformation, management, and maintenance.

DX - Digital Transformation

A digital transformation is about changing your business strategy from the core, developing a complete software solution – and thinking ahead of time. Allow us to pave the way for your business’ digital transformation.


Software solutions development

Software development and web application development is an ever-evolving market welcoming all various industries. Let us take care of every digital product aspect, while you focus on your business.


AI - Artificial intelligence & ML - Machine learning

Let us utilize our technology, methodologies, expertise, and skillset, and we will be able to quickly and efficiently enable your business to implement AI into your processes.


UX/UI Engineering

You get one chance to make a first impression. We know the formula for a complex solution with a seamless User Experience and outstanding User Interface.

We perform and excel across range of industries
The knowledge and experience in multiple industries we possess, allow us to smoothly shift perspectives in order to develop solutions that will bolster your business.






HR and Recruitment

Your tech partner for full-cycle software development.
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We turn ideas into custom solutions to realize your vision

Mobile Applications, Native and Cross-Platform

E-commerce software development

Smart Automation

Allow automation technology to put your business first and optimize operations

Database Design & Data Science

Data Structure, queries, patterns... Utilize the data management to increase business flexibility

System Architecture Design

Custom API modeling and development

Quality Assurance

We are holding 93% customer retention rate...



We can pave your digital transformation journey and help you assess the best technologies to achieve your business goals

Support and maintenance

The story doesn't end with deployment, let us help you along the road and improve your product

Data Modeling and consultancy for custom-Built AI Solutions

Product strategy and development

Matching software solutions

Management software solutions and ERP


Build your software faster, efficient, secure, robust and scalable.

DevOps and Infrastructure

Well designed infrastructure and development operation processes are crucial for successful product development. Be ready from the start to go big

Booking software solutions

Schedule a call with our CTO to discuss your digital idea


Payments integrations Paypal, Stripe, Braintree…

Integrations with SNS, AWS, Heroku, Azure, LINE, etc.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Get a better understanding of the ways we’re able to help you with your next big thing.
Stubben Edge (ex Akoni) Interface and PC Screen

Stubben Edge | Cash Management System

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